Joe Sample, make your career choices

Now tell us what careers you'd like to see. (You can change your choices later at any time.)

A. Interesting/satisfying careers

Show careers that are likely to be:

Interesting (recommended)


Interesting and satisfying

B. Education and experience

Make as many choices as you wish. You can choose the level(s) you have now, or the level(s) you will have in the future.

Show careers that require the following education and/or experience:

Little or no education and/or experience. Expect some on-the-job training.
Previous work experience and GED usually needed. Expect training for up to a year.
Associate's degree, 3-4 years of apprenticeship, or several years of training needed.
Bachelor's degree usually required, plus several years of related experience.
Post-graduate degree or similar, and many years of experience required.

C. What your career will pay

Show careers that will pay you at least your selected amount. Be realistic to begin with. You can always change the amount later.

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