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My job is interesting. So why don't I like it?

Photo by Joshua Rawson Harris on Unsplash

You knew from being a kid that this was the career you wanted. You've gone to school and obtained the education you needed. Now you're in your first job ... and you don't like it.

IOLAS can be like an early warning system about situations like this. Sure, you may be interested in the work. But what about your personal values? Does your career satisfy them? That's why IOLAS measures your values, not just your interests.

What are these values? Well, do you want to work alone? Is it important to you that your managers and supervisors are fair? Do you need opportunities to try out your own ideas? The IOLAS Survey will ask you about this, and many other similar matters.

There's no perfect career: we always have to compromise. But compromising is a decision we should make when we're thinking about a career - not after we've started it. And with the help of IOLAS, you can make the right decision.

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